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There are two men named Peter Blake who have been knighted. The yachtsman Peter Blake was knighted in 1995. The artist Peter Blake was knighted in 2002.

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Q: When was Peter Blake knighted?
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Why did sir peter Blake become knighted?

he was knighted in 2002 - for 'services to art'.

What did sir Peter Blake do to be knighted?

Peter Blake led New Zealand to two Americas Cup victories and was knighted in 1995 for his services to yachting. He was later killed by pirates.

What comedians have been knighted?

Peter Sellers was knighted. Rubbish - he was given an OBE. Not knighted.

Has Peter Frampton been knighted?


What year was peter Blake born?

Which Peter Blake?

How did sir peter Blake become knighted?

Sir Peter Blake, the great yachtsman of Auckland, received a knighthood in 1991 for two back to back Americaâ??s Cup titles. Tragically, he was murdered buy pirates in 2001 while on a special UN environmental mission to South America.

When was Peter Blake born?

Peter Blake was born on June 25, 1932.

Where does Sir Peter Blake live?

Sir Peter Blake was killed by pirates

Did Peter Blake get killed by pirates?

yes. peter Blake was killed by pirates.

What is Peter Blake's birthday?

Peter Blake was born on June 25, 1932.

When was Peter Blake - actor - born?

Peter Blake - actor - was born in 1948.

What were the hobbies of Peter Blake?

Peter Blake's hobbies where yachting and painting he was a very great yachtsman he won Americas cup and won nearly every single Whitbread round the world race he entered he set a world record of 74 days 22 hours 17 minutes and 22 seconds so that was the world record and it still stands... nobody is able to beat it -- just imagine sailing around the whole wide world in only 74 days! If you were wondering, Peter Blake was knighted by Queen Elizabeth the 1st and he became Sir Peter Blake. Sadly, Peter Blake was murdered by pirates during an environmental search on the Amazon River in Brazil.

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