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Q: When utilizing a three hit attack on Offense what should be the second hit on the side?
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How do you get out of a second battery offense?

Whether you realize it or not, you should consult an attorney.

When an offense player with the ball is approaching a defence player and the offense player had no-one to throw to what should the offense player do?

The of offense player should do tricks and pass through the defender

How much time to be served in Ohio for a po violation?

It depends on what type violation is comitted. or is it first time offense or second time offense of the victim. If its a missdameanor it should go into a restated probation,if not it may be little as a house arrest to a special program.

What card is given in fencing when the first offense is made in the second group of offenses?

If you mean when you say second group of offenses the second kind of offense you have made in the same bout, it should be a red card, if you have already collected a red or a yellow card. If you mean when you say second group of offenses a group of offenses you make in a different bout, it would be a yellow card, as red and yellow cards do not carry over to other bouts.

Should juveniles be adjudicated in the drug court?

Juveniles should be adjudicated to drug court if they are accused of drug crimes. Drug court offer a second chance to drug addicts.

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Financial Mix are a couple of things you should know about while utilizing mechanized exchanging bots to exchange the markets. Prior to utilizing Financial Mix, you should do the accompanying methodology.

Can shoplifting be expunged?

Yes, that should be an expungable offense.

Why should cyber-bullying not be a criminal o?

it should be a criminal offense though.....

Why should cyber bullying not be a criminal o?

it should be a criminal offense though.....

Where a substantive offense itself is defined as including an attempt the defendant should not be found guilty of an attempt to commit that offense?


Should one receive jail time for a second DUI offense?

Yes, second DUI offenses are typically considered more serious than first offenses, and penalties often include jail time as a way to deter future offenses and protect public safety. In many jurisdictions, mandatory minimum jail sentences are imposed for second DUI offenses.

Should a juvenile be tried as an adult?

It depends on the juvenile and the offense.