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your muscle dont respire, your heart and lungs need to respire more whilst taking part in a physical activity.

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Q: When do your muscles need to respire faster?
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When would you need to respire faster?

When doing exercise/a physical activity. I hope this is what you were looking for!

When you exercise why do you respire more?

Your muscles produce a lot more carbon dioxide and you have to remove it from the body. You do this by breathing deeper and faster.

Stored form of sugar in humans?

Glycogen is the stored reserve of sugar in the body. It is converted into glucose if our muscles need to respire.

Why does the heart beat faster when exerciseing?

As you exercise, the muscles need more oxygen to work. The heart beats faster to get the oxygenated blood from the lungs to the muscles. The harder you exercise, the more oxygen the muscles need, the faster the heart beats.

Why can our cells respire a aerobically for short time?

Our cells can respire aerobically for a short time because of the presence of oxygen in our muscles.

Do you need supplements to build muscles?

No. Supplements are for people who want to build muscles faster.

Does a virus respire?

No. It is not alive so it doesn't need to respire.

Why all living things need to respire?

They need to respire because they need to grow, produce and repair.

How does increased blood circulation affect muscles?

The faster your blood circulates, the faster blood can get to your muscles, giving you more energy in your muscles to use those muscles. Muscle cells need oxygen to work just like any other cell.

Why does a heart beat faster when you exercise?

Because when your muscles are working they need more oxygen and nutrients, which they get from the blood. And for the blood to be able to carry more nutrients to the muscles the heart has to pump faster.

Why can't plants respire at day?

Plants need to photozynthesis during day does not enable them to respire.

What things increase oxygen in the bloodstream during exercise?

* Faster heart rate - pumps more blood around your body. Your blood carries oxygen which is needed by muscles for aerobic respiration. * Faster breathing rate - allows more oxygen to enter the blood. * Deeper breaths - more volume per breath relatively, so that muscles get as much as possible in order to respire aerobically.