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you flex when its the end of the game

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Q: When do you use Flex ion in sports?
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Does the Saturn Ion come flex fuel capable?

The Saturn Ion was never flex fuel capable when it was being manufactured. The Saturn Ion is no longer being manufactured.

What are the main movements at a joint?

Adduction, abduction, flex-ion, extension and circumduction.

What type of joint movement does the head make?

Head can make almost all types of movements like flex-ion,extension,side to side rotation, side to side flex-ion and circumduction.( Except adduction and abduction.)

Why is the angle of plantar-flex-ion greater than that of Dorsiflexion?

When you walk, there is plantar-flex-ion. So main function of foot is walking. So for planter-flex-ion you need more movement and power to lift the body weight. Power is provided by powerful muscles, those are Gastrocnemius and Sole-us muscles. (Calf muscles.) For Dorsiflexion you do not require much range of movement and power to lift a small body part, that is foot itself only.

How old do you need to be use the flex belt?

You need to be at least 12 years old to use the flex belt

Is it necessary to replace the 'flex' part of a flex pipe with another flex piece or can you use regular exhaust pipe?

You can use regular exhaust pipe providing it fits and you can bend it into the location.

Which is better a easton stealth speed reg flex stiff flex or the synergy speed?

I think the synergy is but i havent had a chance to use the stiff flex.

How can you use PHP with Flex 3.0?

Working with PHP & Flex requires more guidance than we can give here. I would check out their tutorials.

What does x flex on a golf club mean?

X flex means extra stiff. It is a flex for players with a swing speed of 105 mph or more. Most professionals would use this flex.

Which 2 sports does the winter sport of biatlon combinc?

THE answer i nenudss ion the

Can you use E85 in an 07 Vibe?

NO! As far as I know the Vibe is NOT a Flex Fuel vehicle. If it is Flex Fuel and can burn E85 it will have a label affixed to the vehicle somewhere. Do NOT use E85 in a non Flex Fuel vehicle.

What kind of fuel does the 2010 Ford Flex use?

The 2010 Ford Flex runs on regular unleaded.