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Generally when you wish to slow the boat down while pointed downriver, or when endeavoring to turn the boat, at which point you'd only be back paddling on one side of the boat (and optionally paddling forward on the opposite. For example, back paddling on the right side of the raft will turn the boat to the right. Forward paddling simultaneously on the left side of the boat will increase the turn rate.) This is a highly complex question answered only with actual practice and experimentation on the river. If you're a neophyte asking this question, don't attempt to run a river higher than about Class II without expert instruction. You can get yourself hurt or killed doing so.

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Q: When do you back paddle when white water rafting?
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When do you back paddle when you are white water rafting?

The "back paddle" is mainly used in low to medium water levels on tight technical rivers. It is the most powerful paddle stroke in rafting when executed correctly. The idea is to use the angle you are given. In other words, it is more practical and efficient to point your raft at the feature you are trying to avoid with a 45 degree angle and back paddle away from it, as opposed to executing a 90 degree turn and forward paddling. The back paddle is also good when setting up to run a rapid. It can be used to slow things down enough to ensure an accurate entrance into a rapid.

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Rafting is in essence a good example for the laws of physics. The water moving under and around the raft propel it forward because the water pushing against the raft has more mass then the raft can use to push back against the water. Once moving, it can be difficult to change the direction of the raft, or slow it down, because of inertia. Gravity in itself is the driving force of rafting. water flows downhill because of gravity, so water will push a raft downhill. As such, it takes much greater effort to move upstream then it does to move downstream, and may be impossible to move upstream in some areas (such as white water rafting) due to the extreme amount of pressure pushing the raft downstream.

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