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it became it in 1996

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Q: When did synchronized swimming become an olympic sport?
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Should synchronized swimming be an olympic sport?

It already is...

What Olympic sport was originally known as water ballet?

Synchronized swimming

Which sport was added to the 1984 Summer Olympic Games?

Your Answer: Synchronized Swimming

When did swimming become an Olympic sport?

Swimming was an Olympic sport in 1896.

Is synchronized swimming a sport?

Yes, synchronized swimming is a sport.

What Olympic sport has a judge?

Gymnastics, Diving, Figure Skating, and Synchronized Swimming.

When was synchronized swimming first introduced in the Olympics?

It became an Olympic sport in 1984.

Is synchronized swimming an Olympic sport?

Yes, it has been since 1984 but the Olympics never had every event in the sport.

Why is synchronized swimming an Olympic sport?

From Canada synchronized swimming, or water ballet as it was known in its early years, moved to the United States. The sport received its first big boost in 1934 when it was part of the World's Fair in Chicago. Shortly afterwards, the United States Amateur Athletic Union recognised the sport and national championships began. By 1948 synchronized swimming was a exhibition sport at the Olympics, but it was forced to serve an extended apprenticeship. After five appearances as a non-medal sport, synchronized swimming made its full Olympic debut at Los Angeles in 1984.

When did synchronized diving become an official Olympic sport?

That was the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Is water ballet a sport?

The actual term is Synchronized Swimming, and is definitely a sport. It is an Olympic sport as well. You need exceptional endurance, strength, and flexibility to participate.

Where did swimming become an Olympic sport?

1896 (first Olympics)