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In October of 2003, they live in Nashua, New Hampshire. Saying they live in Greenwich, Ct. is just for show.

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Q: When did Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon get married?
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When did Stephanie McMahon get married?

Stephanie McMahon married to Paul "Triple H" Levesque in October 25, 2003

Is Stephanie McMahon married?

Yes, Stephanie McMahon married to Paul "Triple H" Levesque in October 25, 2003

Is Triple H married to Stephanie McMahon?

Yes, Paul Levesque (aka Triple H) is married to Stephanie McMahon.

Who did Stephanie McMahon marry?

Stephanie McMahon married to Paul "Triple H" Levesque in October 25, 2003

Is paul levesque married?

Yes his married to Stephanie McMahon mabye its in 2003 or something

Who is hhh seeing right know?

Nobody. He is married to Stephanie McMahon Helmsley and living happily You are right except for the name. Stephanie McMahon Levesque. Triple H's real name is Paul Levesque

How many kids does Stephanie McMahon have?

Yes, Shane McMahon has 3 kids.

Who is Paul Michael Levesque real wife?

Stephanie McMahon is his real wife.

What is Stephanie McMahon name in real life?

Stephanie McMahon's real name is Stephanie Marie McMahon-Levesque.

Who is Aurora rose levesque?

=Aurora Rose Levesque is the first daughter of Stephanie McMahon-Levesque and Paul "Triple H" Levesque. She has a younger sister named Murphy Claire Levesque.=

Where does Stephanie McMahon-Levesque live?

Paul Levesque, more popularly known as Triple H, lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with his wife, Stephanie McMahon. They have three daughters together.

What is Stephanie McMahon's full name?

Her birth name was Stephanie Marie McMahon. When she married the wrestler Triple H, she took his real last name as well. So, her name currently is Stephanie McMahon Leveque (From Paul Levesque). She is the daughter of Vince McMahon the owner of WWE. She is currently the Executive Vice President of the Creative department in the WWE