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Q: When did Olympic race results become aided by electric timers?
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What technologies were invented during 1940-1969?

By the 1940s, the automobile and the telephone. Washing machines now had timers on them. There were now also electric dryers. People could choose between an electric stove or a gas stove.

When was Waterbury Timers created?

Waterbury Timers was created in 1947.

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The Old Timers was created in 1957.

When was The Short-Timers created?

The Short-Timers was created in 1979.

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How many pages does The Short-Timers have?

The Short-Timers has 192 pages.

How many pages does The Old Timers have?

The Old Timers has 69 pages.

In microcontroller 8051 at a time how many timers you can use?

we can use both timers ...

Where could one purchase an electric timer?

Any kitchen or home store, such as Kitchen Kapers, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, or even Target should carry electric timers. They can also be ordered from many sources online.

What is tybes off electrical timer?

There are many different types of electronic timers which includes time indicators (for specific times), reset timers, repeat cycle timers (for repition of same cycle) and Multi-function timers.

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