When did Chris Evert play tennis?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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she started when she was a little girl 10 years old she started because she saw it on the summer Olympics and when she got older she won over 1,000 games

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Q: When did Chris Evert play tennis?
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What sport does Chris Evert play?

Chris Evert is a professional tennis player.

What sport chris evert Lloyd famous for?


Which sport is Chris Evert Lloyd famous for?


What sport is Chris Evert Lloyd famous for?


The first player in women's tennis to earn a million dollars?

Chris evert was

What has the author Chris Evert Lloyd written?

Chris Evert Lloyd has written: 'Chrissie' -- subject(s): Tennis players, Biography

What is the value of a Chris Evert 1970's tennis racquet?


Who has the best winning percentage in women's tennis?

Chris Evert at over 90%.

What age did chris evert start playing tennis?

She started when she was 2 years old

Which female tennis has ever won the most US Open titles?

chris evert

Did chris evert go to the Olympics?

Yes. Chris Evert competed in women's singles tennis at the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul. She was defeated in the 3rd round by Raffaella Reggi-Concato of Italy.

Who won the 1984 Australian Open in tennis?

Men - Mats Wilander Women - Chris Evert