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There aren't records because in different places the courses are different lengths and have different corners and hills and things so there can't be a record for bobsleigh on the whole, but places probably have there own records but not very many people know them.

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The fastest speed is 201 km per hour.

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Q: Whats the fastest speed in a bobsled?
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Which of these things found on the Olympics moves fastest ice hockey puck bobsled or speed skier?


What is the fastest speed ever clocked on a bobsled?

120 mph

Whats the fastest landspeed and what set it?

a tricycle set the fastest speed at 1 mph

Fastest ice hockey skater?

Probably Ivan Cournoyer, Montreal Canadiens, who was clocked in excess of 40 mph.

Why is 2 man bobsled faster than 4 man bobsled?

2-man isn't faster. The top 2-man speed recored is 152km/h (94mph) and the fastest 4-man to date is 153.7km/h (95.5mph) Less weight to drag.

Whats the fastest tvr that's been on Top Gear?

The fastest TVR that has ever been on top gear was the TVR cebera speed 12.

Whats the worlds fastest air speed record?

18000 miles per hour by the space shuttle

How are dogs arranged on a bobsled team?

The leaders go to the front, then the fastest, and lastly the strongest at the back.

Whats the maximum speed for a car?

The fastest vehicle you can buy that is street legal is the 2011 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport with a top speed of 267 mph.

What does a brakeman do?

The brakeman is the last person to get in the bobsled and has to push the hardest and the most. They pull the break attached to the bobsled at the end of their run, helping the bobsled loose speed and slow down to prevent from a crash of injury.

Whats the fastest vehicle on earth?

Some racecars race can reach: 310 M.P.H. 510 speed. Watch out for speedy cars!

What type of energy does a bobsled have?

A bobsled has kinetic energy, which is the energy it possesses due to its motion as it slides down the track. This kinetic energy is dependent on the speed and mass of the bobsled.