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Jack Barakat. :)

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Q: Whats alex gaskarth's favorite sport
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What is Alex gaskarths favorite animal?


When did alex gaskarths brother commit suicide?

alex keeps it all private.

What is alex gaskarths name?

Alexander William Gaskarth.

Alex Gaskarths birth date?

14th December 1987.

What is alex gaskarths girlfriend called?

Lisa Noel Ruocco

How and when did alex gaskarths brother die?

He committed suicide, sadly :(

What is alex gaskarths mom's name?

Isabella Gaskarth

Is alex gaskarths girlfriend pretty?

Yes, she's very pretty :)

Why did alex gaskarths brother kill himself?

Alex keeps that to his family and friends

What is the song lullabies by Alex gaskarth?

Its about Alex Gaskarths brother Daniel Gaskarth. He committed suicide in 2004.

What is Alex's favorite sport?

If you call singing a sport.....well then theres your answer!

Alex Wolff's favorite sport?

BasketBall & Socccer