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Q: What years were H G Lipscomb Hardware Co in business?
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When was this co in business?

What years was the Colonial Casting Co., Meriden, Conn. in business?

H G L and Co Perfection double barrel shot gun How do you find out about this company?

It stands for "H.G. Lipscomb & co. A hardware based in Tennessee. That's all I can tell you. I have one too, a twenty gauge. I have Emailed the owner to try to find out more. I will pass on anything I find out.

How many years was Tiffany and co in business?

Tiffany & Co. opened it's first store in Union Station, New York in 1837, they have been in business for 173 years.

Baker Gun Co?

Out of business for close to 100 years+

Marcelo pelican tomato co still in business?

No Went out of business over 20 years ago

What is the purpose of Microsoft System Center?

Microsoft System Centre is a server for use by businesses. It enables the business to co-ordinate its computers and other hardware with the material that the business has stored in the cloud and the other data resources that the business has.

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None that I can find in the Catalogue: Crescent did make what was known as Hardware rifles (Shotguns) for various hardware companies, and eventually became part of Savage arms co. You may be thinking of Crosman BB guns, they are still in business today.

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T. C. Hardware Co Richards has written: 'Illus. catalogue...'

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T. Davidson & Co. were a hardware business that sold the gun locks. If I remember correctly from about 1810 to 1860 or so. I have a rifle with the lock marked with the same, and that is what I was able to find out about the company.

Is the stokes marine supply co still in business?

I'm sorry but this company has been out of business for a number of years. Hope this helps!