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Q: What year was the World Plowing Contest held in Peebles Ohio?
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What is the motto of Peebles High School Ohio?

The motto of Peebles High School - Ohio - is 'Attitude is Everything

Where is Peebles?

Peebles is in the Scottish Borders in South-east Scotland, lying on the junction of the A703 Road to Edinburgh and the A72 Road to Melrose. There is a village called Peebles in Adams County, Ohio.

How many miles from Cincinnati is Great Serpent Mound?

It is located at Peebles, Ohio which is 68.7 miles from Cinciinnati, Ohio.

Where is the Friends Of Serpent Mound in Peebles Ohio located?

The address of the Friends Of Serpent Mound is: 186 Horner Chapel Rd, Peebles, OH 45660-9185

Who won the Miss America contest in 1938?

Marilyn Meseke, Marion, Ohio Miss Ohio

Is Peebles Ohio dry?

Not entirely. Due to a single precinct exemption within "dry" Adams County, OH, alcoholic beverages can be sold at retail (but not served) in Peebles, OH. The legal sale hours are 5:30 AM to 1 AM, but only from 10 AM to 11 PM on Sunday.

Who won the Miss America contest in 1923?

Mary Campbell, Columbus, Ohio Miss Columbus

What is the statute of limitations to contest a quit claim deed in Ohio?

There is no time limit on a court order.

Where would a 550-pound pumpkin have a good chance of winning first prize in a weighing contest?

Centerville, Ohio

Who won the Miss America contest in 1972?

The winner of Miss America in 1972 was Laurie Lea Schaefer from Bexley, Ohio.

In what state were the second greatest number of presidents born?

Ohio is number two in this contest with seven ; Virginia leads with eight.

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I am having same problem. Wife says she will contest