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the Baseball will go the the same direction but decrease the speed

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Q: What would happen to a baseball flying through the air if no unbalanced forces acted on it?
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What are some examples of balanced forces and unbalanced forces in baseball?

The forces on the baseball are balanced when it's on the ground or on the shelf in the clubhouse, and unbalanced at all other times.

How do living things or flying devices use unbalanced forces to control flight?

Living things or flying devices can use unbalanced forces to control flight by adjusting the distribution of lift, thrust, weight, and drag. By creating a difference in these forces, they can generate the necessary lift and propulsion to maneuver through the air, change direction, or ascend/descend as needed. By continuously adjusting these forces, they can maintain stability and control during flight.

Are the forces of kicking a soccer ball balanced or unbalanced?

In 3-5 sentences, summarize the balanced forces that are present when a soccer ball is resting on the ground, and the unbalanced forces that are present when a soccer ball is kicked and moves through the air or rolls on the ground

What are forces that do not completely offset one another called?

It it called balanced forces.

Forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction are called unbalanced forces?

Actually, forces that are equal in size but opposite in direction are called balanced forces. Unbalanced forces are forces that are not equal in size and/or opposite in direction, resulting in a change in an object's motion.

What do unbalanced forces cause according to Newton's Formula?

Unbalanced forces cause acceleration.

What if the difference between balanced and unbalanced forces in terms of motion?

Unbalanced forces is when the forces are 0N or more. Balanced forces are 0.

Why are forces unbalanced?

Forces are unbalanced when there is a net force acting on an object causing it to accelerate or change its motion. This could happen when the forces acting on an object are not equal in magnitude or not opposite in direction. Unbalanced forces result in a change in the object's velocity.

How do unbalanced forces effect an objects motion?

If the [group of] forces on an object is unbalanced, the object accelerates.

What is it called the result of unbalanced forces?

The result of unbalanced forces is called acceleration. When the forces acting on an object are unbalanced, the object will accelerate in the direction of the stronger force.

What is the result in unbalanced forces?

In the presence of unbalanced forces, an object will accelerate in the direction of the larger force. The object will experience a change in velocity as a result of the net force acting on it.

How do unbalanced forces affect forces?

Forces don't affect forces. FORCES act on OBJECTS.If there is an unbalanced force, that means that the sum of all forces acting on an object is not zero.