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Equestrian. No matter how great a rider you are, you must have an equine partner. That is where the expense begins.

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Q: What would be the most expensive sport to compete in at the Olympics?
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Why gymnastics not calisthenics at the Olympics?

Because Calisthenics is only done in Australia. So, if it was in the olympic games then Australia would have no one to compete against. Gymnastics however, is a worldwide sport so there is competition.

Why does Scotland compete separate from the UK in Commonwealth games but not the Olympics?

Cause there cheats ya would think if they compete in the comenwealth games under their own flag why carnt they in the Olympics

What are narwhals good at in the Olympics?

Narwhals don't actually compete in the Olympics, but if they did they would come top in the swimming/diving events.

What is similar about the modern and ancient Olympics?

All the contestants would compete for an Olympic medal !

38 If you were watching Shane Kelly compete what sport would you be watching?


Who won 2012 Olympics?

Well it would depend on which sport

What will you need to qualify for olympic show jumping?

you join a sport and practise hard. this is how you get it in to the youth Olympics if the teacher or coach allows or pick you to the nationals

Can you still compete in the Olympics if you are 40 and over?

I don't believe there are age restrictions; if you can qualify you can compete. You would have to be a unique talent to compete against the young dynamos that make it to the Olympic games.

Which is the sport that is only for womens in the Olympics?

At the 2008 Games, that would be softball.

Would you rather be a member of a worlds championship sports team or be the champion of an individual sport?

Neither I would. Not compete for fear of failure, had I decided to compete I would be world team champion

Who is eligible to compete in the Olympics?

anyone who qualifiesanyone who can qualify there are qualifying times, height ecti think that athletes that have been chosen and are physically able to compete in the olympicsLoads of different people from all around the world come to the olmpics to compete

What was Zara Phillips ambition?

It depends what area you mean from a horseriding point of view, I would probably say it was to compete at a high eventing level- which she has, and to compete at the olympics, I know she would of preffered to of copeted at the olympics on Toytown, however she has sadly now retired him. Hope this helps :D