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they have many popular winter sports...the most popular one is skiing and Snowboarding

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ice skating

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Q: What winter sport was brought to new york by the dutch?
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What winter sport was brought to New York by dutch?

ice skating

What brought the dutch colony to new York?

It was John Cabot

What did the Dutch give us?

A Dutch Pirate was presumed to have brought slaves into the Americas. The Dutch also ceded New Netherlands(New York) to the local inhabitants at the time(the British colonist).

From what language does the name Santa Claus come from?

The name Santa Claus came from the Dutch version of the name, "Sint Klaas" or "Sinterklaas," brought to New York by Dutch settlers. Sinterklaas was adopted by the country's English-speaking majority under the name Santa Claus.

Who was the first slave that was brought to the colony of the dutch?

The first recorded African slave brought to the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam (later New York) was a man named Juan Rodrigues in 1626. He arrived as a free man but later became enslaved after his wife was taken captive during a conflict between the Dutch and Native Americans.

Do they grow oranges in New York?

YES! If planted in a pot and brought indoors for the winter. As long as the tree is small enough to fit in a large bay window it will do fine all winter long.

Who founded New York city was it the dutch?

Yes, it was the Dutch!

Where did the Dutch establish a colony?

The dutch settled in New Amsterdam which is present day New York.

What are some cities found by the Dutch?

The Dutch discovered New York and Albany. They were called Fort Orange and New Amsterdam.

Which Dutch explorer discovered New York harbor?

First, the Dutch and then the English. New York is named after the Duke of York.

What was the religion in New York during the Dutch rule?

Dutch protestant

What colonies did the dutch have control of in the 1620s?

The Dutch owned New york