What where some Comanche sports?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they kill and play Basketball

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Q: What where some Comanche sports?
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Who is a Comanche code talker?

A Comanche Code Talker is a Comanche Native American who is a soldier for the US Army in World War 2 and some in World War 1. The US used the Comanche language in some cases to transmit military communications. See related link below.

What are some Comanche artifacts?

arrowheads and clay pots

What are facts about the Comanche Indians?

the main Comanche language of the Comanche is NUMINU

When did Comanche live?

how do the comanche live

What are the Comanche known for?

The Comanche were known for their skilled horsemanship and terrorization of whites along the Texas frontier, in effect keeping much of the Southwest unsettled for some time.

Where is the Comanche Public Library in Comanche located?

The address of the Comanche Public Library is: 311 N Austin St, Comanche, 76442 2405

What were some of the Comanche traditions?

thay pooped on each others heads

What is the Comanche word for coyote?

The Comanche word for coyote is: kʉtseena

Did the Comanche tribe have in celebrations?

Yes the Comanche had celebrations.

Where is the Friends Of Historic Comanche Inc in Comanche Texas located?

The address of the Friends Of Historic Comanche Inc is: Po Box 453, Comanche, TX 76442-0453

What were some major ceremonies of the Comanche Indians?

pie and uh.............................. more pie?

What was one of the traditions the shoshore do?

The Comanche Indians some times had powwows for meeting. :]