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it was 177 feet by travis pastrana. On the show nirtro circus he broke the record.

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207 miles, from LA to Phoenix

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Q: What was the longest wheelie on a motorcycle?
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What is the name of the man that holds longest motorcycle wheelie?

Allen Montalvo

Can you legally ride a wheelie on a motorcycle?

ya if the cops dont see you in town

What is the Longest wheelie in a car?

check the Guinness book of world records

How long is the time for holding a wheelie in a wheelchair?

The current Guinness World Record for "Longest Wheelie in a wheelchair" is 10.016 miles and was achieved by Michael Miller in Hortonville, Wisconsin on August 8th, 2009.

What was the longest motorcycle wheelie?

i no the whillie king doug domokos had the record for the worlds longest whillie at 145 miles i dont no if it still stands if the record was broken bye someone else i dont no who i is if doug was still alive he would beat it he was the whillie king and will always be the whillie hope this helps you out thank you the big swede. There is a guy from St. Louis Missouri named Vaughn from the STL Streetfighterz that rode his crotch rocket wheelie on video for over 24 miles.

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Longest wheelie on a motorbike?

May 5th 1991, Yasuyuki Kudo, 205.7 miles (331 km) on a Honda TLM220R

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Ryan Caps

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