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(Phillies 2008! 2 million plus)

I'm going to disagree and say the RED SOX 2004 World Series parade had 3.2 million people attend.


Attendance at all parades are grossly overestimated. The Phillies blowout in 2008 was surely larger than what the Red Sox had in 2004 but it might not even be the largest in Philadelphia's sporting history. Some estimated the Flyers parades of 1974 and '75 may have been larger.

That said certain analysis that has been done measure plots of land, occupancy space and public transportation find that championship parade sizes may be overestimate by as much as three to four times.

I've heard people talk about the Phillies getting 2.5 million attendees in 2008 but the actual number is probably closer 700,000-800,000 range. Anytime you hear of a parade exceeding a few hundred thousand people rest assure that they are grossly overestimating the real number...

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I would have to say the 60th anniversary Parade for the Peoples Republic of China has to be in every aspect!

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Indianapolis 500

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Q: What was the largest one-day sports event attendance?
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