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It is responsible for making laws

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Q: What was the House of Burgesses was responsible for doing?
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What did the house of burgesses do-?

it was the first representative legislature in the English Colonies

What was the name of the Virginia colony's first government?

Virginia House of Burgesses

Where is house of burgesses?

The House of Burgesses is located in Virgina.

When did house of burgesses start?

in 1778 is when the House of Burgesses started.

When did House of Burgesses end?

House of Burgesses ended in 1776.

How can you make a sentence house of burgesses?

The house of burgesses was in charge in Virginia

What was most significant about the House of Burgesses during colonial times?

The House of Burgesses gave the colonists a chance to govern themselves. The House of Burgesses freed the colonists from the king's authority. The House of Burgesses appointed a governor for each American colony. The House of Burgesses gave the king greater authority in the colonies.

What laws did the Virginia House of Burgesses pass in 1671?

The Virginia House of Burgesses passed laws that prevented Africans from doing various things such as joining the militia. They were also prohibited from owning guns and buying white servants.

When did the House of Burgesses close?

In 1770, the House of Burgesses reformed but it was not long until the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War and the House of Burgesses' transformed into the Virginia House of Delegates.

What was Jamestown system of government called?

The Virginia house of burgesses

The first representatives assembly in the colonies was?

The House of Burgesses in Jamestown.

What was the job of the house of burgesses?

The job of House of Burgesses was to decide laws and determine local taxation.