What was Sherpa's sighting?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What was Sherpa's sighting?
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What is name of the people who help people that climb Everest?

They are called 'Sherpas'. They can guide climbers up the mountain and keep the route safe and open.

Which Sherpas died in Into Thin Air?

I do not think any Sherpas died, but five climbers/guides did.

How did sir Edmund Hillary give back the sherpas people region?

He payed back the Sherpas by building them a school. (He payed them back because the Sherpas helped him while climbing mount Everest)

Where do sherpas live?

Sherpas are people who guide other up mountains. So, typically in the mountains of Nepal, the Himalayas, etc.

What country did the Sherpas originate from?


How do the Sherpas get fresh water?

From the tap

What do Sherpas usually eat?

Sherpas eat mainly wheat porridge and potatoes, supplemented by occasional meat, butter and Tibetan tea.

When was the last sighting of a baiji?

The last sighting was in 2004.

When was the first vampire sighting?

the first vampire sighting was in 0001bc.

Is neon sighting lustrous?

Yes, neon sighting is lustrous

What country has the most Sherpas living in it?


What is the definition of the word sighting?

Sighting means to manage to see or observe