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I think it was Wa-tho-huck and it means Bright Path. Don't bet your life on that answer, just doing homework in Tulsa.

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Q: What was Jim Thorpe Indian name and what did it mean?
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What was the name of the American Indian who had all his medals taking back?

Jim Thorpe why?

Who is a famous Indian athlete?

Jim Thorpe.

What Pennsylvania town changed their name to honor an American Indian Olympic Athlete?

Jim Thorpe

What education did Jim Thorpe have?

Haskell Indian Nations University

What Olympian and American Indian athlete is from Oklahoma?

Jim Thorpe

Where did Jim thorpe go to school?

Carlisle Indian School

Who was the first American Indian to win an olympic medal?

Jim thorpe

Who was the American Indian who won medals in the Olympics and was stripped of them?

jim thorpe

What college did Jim thorpe go to?

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School.

Was Thorpe Seeley related to Jim Thorpe?

Thorpe Seely's mother was Grace Thorpe, daughter of Jim Thorpe and his first wife.

Was Jim thorpe a Christian?

Jim thorpe wasn't a christian

Why was Jim Thope famous?

THorpe was an american indian and a triathalon athlete,more famous for football....