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Good game!

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Q: What to say if your team wins on sports day?
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What do experts have to say about dedication in sports?

They say understand the team concept

What does team mean in spanish?

If you want to say a teammate on a sports team, you would say "compañero de equipo."

How do you say sports day in Japanese?

A school's "sports day" is called 運動会 (undoukai) in Japanese.

Which NFL team has the most playoff wins on the road?

I'd say the Pittsburg Steelers..:)

What team sports in polish school?

Well there are lots of team's but I would say that the most people like the Chelsea one

What colors are best to paint a sports center in?

I would say if it's a sports stadium which a team plays at then paint it in the team colours but if it's a public sports centre I'd personally go for the neutral colours that everyone likes.

Who is the best football team ever to live?

You can not judge that but if you asked me I'd say the patriots because there my fav team but gotta give it to the steeler's because they have 5 superbowl wins.

Is it grammatically correct to say do sports?

Yes, it is correct to say that you do sports. I do sports. You do sports. He does sports. She does sports. Fido does sports. We do sports. All of you do sports. They do sports.

Which is better, team sports or individual sports?

A team sport involved playing a sport with teammates such as baseball and socccer, because there are other people on your team. An individual sport like golf or singles tennis is just you playing by yourself against another individual.

Which are the two sports in which the last one is winner?

you know what they say, slow and steady wins the race! therefore anysport that turtles can participate in happens to be the last person is the winner

Which is easier softball or tennis?

I would definitely say softball, since tennis is probably one of the most competitive and difficult sports in the world. Tennis is much more mental, as you are essentially in solitary confinement, while softball is a team game, and if you perform badly on a certain day, you have your team to hold you up.

What NFL team has the best 2009 stats?

Well you could say 3 teams are doing the bestIndianapolis Colts are undefeated with 13 wins and 0 lossesNew Orleans Saints are undefeated with 13 wins and 0 lossesMinnesota Vikings are 11 wins and 2 losses