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Q: What titles does Floyd mayweather hold now?
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Is Floyd Mayweather and Floyd Mayweather JR the same person?

Yup. Floyd mayweather is a former boxer who is now a trainer at boxing Floyd mayweather jr is a current boxer who is undefeated currently.

What are the release dates for Larry King Now - 2012 Floyd Mayweather 1-155?

Larry King Now - 2012 Floyd Mayweather 1-155 was released on: USA: 1 May 2013

Who promotes Floyd mayweather?

He used to be promoted by Top Rank but now he has his own promotions. It's called Mayweather Promotions.

Who is the face of boxing now?

The face of boxing right now is Floyd Mayweather... Or u could say Manny Pacquiao... I would say Mayweather.

Does Keisha Cole have a boyfriend?

Yes Keisha Cole has a boyfriend She was with rapper Young Jeezy. Now as of 2008 she is with Floyd Mayweather.

Who hold's the record for the most league titles?

In England the most titles is now held by Manchester United with 19 titles

Why did Floyd Mayweather come out of retirement?

Money. His promotional company flopped and all other business ventures failed to pan out. Money was always a main reason why he previously boxed, now it is the sole reason.

Who is Josie Harris?

She's the ex-girlfriend of the Floyd Mayweather. She was beaten and tortured by the coward boxer and threatened to death that's why now the boxer was convicted and staying his ass inside the cell for 90 days.

Who is the highest paider in sports now?

Currently, Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete, bringing in $85 million in salary. Others in the top 5 include Manny Pacquiao, Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and Roger Federer.

When was Don't Leave Me Now - Pink Floyd song - created?

Don't Leave Me Now - Pink Floyd song - was created on -19-11-04.

Is Floyd mayweather a punk?

no! ma dood Floyd if he was a punk would we have a undefeated record the reason he didnt want to fight manny was cuz he was still hurt form his last match and u cant punch with a sore left and right arm now can u ? so if he fought manny would win cuz he was hurt and he didnt want to lose his undefeated record so hes not a punk u dig

What title does lennox Lewis hold now?

Lennox retired in 2002 vacating the WBO Heavyweight Championship after beating Vitali Klitcho. Lennox has not had any titles since.