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pine can make Baseball bats and houses.

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Q: What things are made of pine wood?
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How pine is made?

Pine is not 'made' it is grown, pine wood is the product of pine trees.

How is pine wood made?

Pine wood isn't 'made' it's grown. The pine trees are cut down and cut into lumber.

Is cherry wood man made?

Natural, Pine comes from pine trees and trees grow naturally!

What is Pinocchio made out of?

Pinocchio was made from Pine wood .

What can pine wood be made out of?

Pinewood is not 'made' it is grown.

What kind of wood are telephone poles made of?

The wood ones are made from pine trees.

What is a pine box?

A pine box is a simple, traditional coffin made from pine wood typically used for burials. It is known for its rustic and natural appearance.

What were garden chairs made of?

probably pine wood

Is pine wood hard or soft wood?

Soft wood...

What is a sentence using the word pine?

The table was made of pine wood. OR I pine for my sweetheart.

Is pine a type of wood?

Yes, pine is a type of wood. It is mainly called pine wood.

What wood is stronger bulsa or pine?

pine wood is the answer