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Q: What theories used in sport sociology is more likely to defend the status quo rather than propose changes?
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What do ethical theories attempt to do?

Systemize, defend and recommend concepts of right and wrong behavior.

What does a chameleon do to defend itself?

it changes its color to hide

Are there goalies in indoor hockey?

Yes there are, but seeing as you play on a different surface, sliding and the way you defend goals changes.

How does mill defend his theory when charged that hedonism is a theory for swine?

He said it is not me and my theories, it is you and yours. You who accuse my theories for swine, represent the human nature in a degrading light. Since the accusation supposes human beings to be capable of no pleasures execpt those of which swine are capable. -We laiter came to find this supposition to be fale.

Did the patricians force the plebeians to make changes to the Roman government by refusing to defend the city during an invasion?

No, it's the other way around. The plebeians forced the patricians to make changes by refusing to join the army.

What is 'order theory' in sociology?

Order theory is the theory that society is based on shared values. That society is explained by the values they hold and defend. According to this theory, the reason discrimination occurs is that the society is defending its values from the 'intruding' value set that the immigrated have brought with them.

Is that the actual spelling of defend?

Yes, 'defend' is how you spell defend.

NTSD 2.4 T2 - Naruto Hell Move?

in ntsd 2.4 are not hellmoves fixed but in the finish version SAKURA ---defend,down,attack,defend,up,attack TEMARI----defend,forward,attack,defend,upward,jump GARA------defend,down,jump,defend,up,jump SHINO----defend,up,attack,defend,down,jump,defend KAKASHI--attack,defend,down,jump

Did the Bill of Rights defend or support the Constitution?

the bill of rights is the first 10 amendments to the constitution, and it didnt support it or defend it. if was simply changes that we made because we were mature, (e.g abolish slavery, or woman suffrage) or we found that with out these part there would be issues (people can vote at 18-vietnam war issues)

Why did Benjamin Franklin propose the Albany plan of union?

Benjamin Franklin proposed the Albany Plan Of Union because he wanted to find a way to defend himself from the French. The representatives then adopted the Albany Plan Of Union for a united colonial government.

What is the Irish Gaelic tranlation for the word defend?

cosain (defend, protect); díon (defend, shelter).

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