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it means Of relating to energy or to objects in motion

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Q: What the definition of dynamic in sport?
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Definition of dynamic interconnection network?

A dynamic interconnection network is a communication network within a computer system that allows for variable routing of data between different modules or processors based on dynamic conditions. This network can adapt to changing traffic patterns and is often used in parallel processing systems to improve performance and scalability. It enables efficient data exchange and coordination among multiple components in a distributed computing environment.

Is cheerleading a dynamic sport?


Definition of dynamic electricity?

it is flow of electric charges

What is the definition dynamic character?

performs most of the actions in a story

What is definition of dynamic?

Dynamic refers to something characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. In a technical context, it often means being able to adapt or respond to different situations or inputs.

Do you think marching band a sport?

According to the definition of "sport," yes.

What is the definition of dance sport?

is a sport that is actually social and also expensive

What is the definition of sport hunting?

Sport hunting is a sport when peeps ride horses and shoot deer and stuff

What is the definition of personality?

personality is the dynamic charsterstic of individual that heilp in adjustment in enivornment

What is the definition of postgame?

sport watched on telivision

What is the definition of abduction in sport?

"Abduction" is to carry off by force or kidnap. It has no application to sport.

Definition of Anti-Sport?

Anti-sport is defined to be someone who opposes a particular sport. It can also be someone who does not agree with a certain policy of sport.