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Ivan Rodriguez started his career with the Texas Rangers from 1991-2002 then he was signed by the Florida Marlins for the 2003 season then he signed a 4 year contract with the Detroit Tigers whom he played for from 2004-2008 then in mid-season in 2008 he was traded to the New York Yankees for relief pitcher Kyle Farnsworth and at the end of the season he became a free agent then he signed a 1 year contract with the Houston Astros for the 2009 season then he was traded mid-season to the team he started with the Texas Rangers but at the end of the 2009 season he became a free agent and he signed a 2 year contract with the Washington Nationals and at this point, April 7 2012, he is a free agent.

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The Texas Rangers in 1991.

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Q: What team does Ivan Rodriguez play for?
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Who does Ivan Rodriguez play for?

Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez will play for the Washington Nationals in 2010.

How tall is Ivan Vatez Rodriguez?

Ivan Vatez Rodriguez is 5' 11".

What was the first Major League Baseball team that Ivan Rodriguez was onin 2009?

Ivan Rodriguez started the 2009 season with the Houston Astros (93 games) and finished the year with the Texas Rangers (28 games)

How many career hits does Ivan Rodriguez have?

Ivan Rodriguez ended his career with 2,844 hits.

When was baseball player Ivan Rodriguez born?

Ivan Rodriguez was born November 27, 1971.

What is Ivan Rodriguez's career batting average?

Ivan Rodriguez has a career batting average of .298.

How many all-star games did Ivan Rodriguez play?

12 all-star games

What MLB team does Joely Rodriguez play for?

Joely Rodriguez plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What NFL team does Evan Rodriguez play for?

Evan Rodriguez plays for the Buffallo Bills.

What MLB team does Francisco Rodriguez play for?

Francisco Rodriguez plays for the Milwaukee Brewers.

What MLB team does Yorman Rodriguez play for?

Yorman Rodriguez plays for the Cincinnati Reds.

What MLB team does Paco Rodriguez play for?

Paco Rodriguez plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers.