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Hibernian Football Club

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Q: What team does Gordon strachan support?
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Who is the manager of the Scotland soccer team?

As of 2017, it is Gordon Strachan.

Who was Gordon Strachan A Sportsman?

Gordon David Strachan born on February 9, 1957 is a Scottish football manager and former player. He is currently the manager of the Scotland national football team.

What is Gordon Strachan's birthday?

Gordon Strachan was born on February 9, 1957.

What is the Nationality of Man United Gordon Strachan?

The Nationality of Man United's Gordon Strachan is Scotland.

When was Gordon C. Strachan born?

Gordon C. Strachan was born on 1943-07-24.

Did Gordon Strachan play for Rangers?

Scottish former footballer Gordon Strachan did not play for Rangers F.C. during his 26-year career.

How many goals did Gordon strachan score for man unt?

Gordon strachan scored 33 goals during his 6 season spell with the club

Who is the Celtic fc manager?

Gordon Strachan.

Who was the first football club that Gordon Strachan played for?

Gordan Strachan, Scottish football manager of the Scotland National team, began his career as a player for Dundee. He played as an infielder at the beginning, later graduating to a more managerial level.

Does Gordon Strachan have any sisters?

Yes, Katie ... I think

What player won league championship in 5 different countries?

Gordon Strachan

Has Gordon strachan ever scored a prem hatrick?

Yes. Gordon Strachan scored a hat-trick for Leeds United against Blackburn Rovers on 10 Apr 93.