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Andrew Cogliano lives on Woodbridge in the city of Vaughan, Canada. Woodbridge is considered one of the most affluent residential areas of Greater Ontario.

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Q: What streets does Andrew cogliano live on?
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What is Andrew Cogliano's birthday?

Andrew Cogliano was born on June 14, 1987.

When was Andrew Cogliano born?

Andrew Cogliano was born on June 14, 1987.

What position does Andrew Cogliano play?

Andrew Cogliano plays center for the Anaheim Ducks.

What NHL team does Andrew Cogliano play for?

Andrew Cogliano plays for the Anaheim Ducks.

How much does Andrew Cogliano weigh?

NHL player Andrew Cogliano weighs 180 pounds.

What is Andrew Cogliano's number on the Anaheim Ducks?

Andrew Cogliano is number 7 on the Anaheim Ducks.

Where was Andrew Cogliano born?

Andrew Cogliano was born in Toronto, Ontario on 06-14-87.

Does Andrew Cogliano shoot right or left?

NHL player Andrew Cogliano shoots left.

How old is Andrew Cogliano?

Andrew Cogliano is 24 years old (birthdate: June 14, 1987).

Does Andrew cogliano have any brothers or sisters?

yes 1 sexy older brother

What Edmonton Oiler holds the NHL record for the fastest two short handed goals by one player?

Andrew cogliano

Who are the only two rookies to win the all-star race?

Andrew Cogliano won in 2007 and Michael Grabner, who faced another rookie Taylor Hall in final, won in 2011.