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Long jump

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Q: What sports were played in the 1976 Montreal Olympics?
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When were the Olympics held in Montreal?


Where were the 1976 summer Olympics held?

Montreal and quebec, Canada

When did the Montreal Olympics took place?


What 3 Canadian cities have hosted the Olympics?

AnswerIn 1976, Montreal hosted the Summer Olympics and in 1988, Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics. In 2010, Vancouver is scheduled to host the Winter Olympics.

When did Montreal's Olympic stadium open?

It opened in 1976 for the summer Olympics in Montreal.

When was the Montreal Olympic stadium built?

Between 1970 and 1976, Montreal Olympic Stadium was built for the 1976 Olympics.

What city hosted the Summer Olympics 1976?


What is the city of 1976 summer Olympics?

Montreal, Canada.

What sporting events did Canada take part in 1976 Olympics?

The Summer Olympics in Montreal.

Where were the Olympics held in 1976?

Summer Montreal Winter Innsbruck

What year did Calvin dill run in the Olympics?

1976 in Montreal

In 1976 which country the games were held?

Winter Olympics: Innsbruck, AustriaSummer Olympics: Montreal, Canada