What sports were in modern ages?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Sports that were competed in the 2008 Olympics at Beijing: Archery

Athletics (Track and Field)










Field Hockey





Modern pentathlon






Synchronized swimming

Table tennis





Water polo


Wrestling At the 2012 Games in London, baseball and softball will not be competed. At this time, the two sports that will replace them have not been decided upon by the International Olympic Committee.

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are they???

many sports, football,Baseball,softball,Basketball,soccer,rugby,Lacrosse,tennis, voly-ball, list goes on and on and on.

do you mean how many sports are played in a week??

^^^^^^above^^^^^^^ no one would really know that, many college, Major, and Minor games are played a week. not a really answer-able question

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If u mean sports they do javelin, gymnastics, high jump, long jump, running ,swimming ,hammer throw ,hurdles and many more

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all of them-

soccer-the ball and the rules

football-rules gear and football

baseball-gear bat ball and rules

basketball-the ball gear and rules

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javelin throwing, discus throwing (not really famous I think), Golf, swimming, diving, and cyclist.

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baseball was in the modern ages

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Q: What sports were in modern ages?
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How is the modern era different from the Middle Ages?

The modern era has seen more globalization than the Middle Ages.

Was school free in the Middle Ages?

No. There basically was no school in the modern sense in the middle ages.

When did medieval sports begin?

Sports began in Ancient Greece and continued through the ages. A great deal of sports was to practice warfare methods and to train.

What is the Middle Ages in between?

The middle ages are right between ancient times and the modern times.

Why was the Middle Ages called the Middle Ages?

Because they are in-between the modern times and the ancient times.

What are the different ages in history?

ancient age, medieval age and modern age are the different ages.

What sports people played in the middle ages?

soccor polo and guns

Where were sports played in the middle ages?

jousting, archery, javelin throwing

When did middle age sports start?

Sports were doubtless played through the whole period of the Middle Ages. We have no record of their being played at times in the Early Middle Ages, but we know that certain sports and games survived from Roman times to the later medieval times.

How are today's sports different from roman sports?

roman sports averagely were deadly and modern sports are rarely a threat over an injury

Who is the sports minister of Australia?

Australia's sports minister is John Howard(he was also Australia's prime minster ages ago)

The emergence of modern Europe after the Dark Ages is?

the renaissance