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The Qwest Field located in Seattle, Washington is home of two very popular sports. They are football and soccer. The two home teams are the Seattle Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders FC.

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Q: What sports game is played at Qwest Field in Seattle Washington?
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Where is Seattle Seahawks home turf?

Their clubhouse is in Renton, Washington but the stadium is in Seattle.

Where do the seahawks play?

The Seahawks have played their home games at Qwest Field since the 2002 season. The stadium was renamed CenturyLink Field in June 2011 after the acquisition of Qwest by CenturyLink.

Do the Seattle mariners play in Washington?

Yes. They play in Safeco Field in Seattle, WA

Where is the Cambodian Cultural Museum And Killing Field Memori in Seattle Washington located?

The address of the Cambodian Cultural Museum And Killing Field Memori is: 9809 16Th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106

What is the Seattle Seahawks mailing address?

11220 N.E. 53rd Street Kirkland, Washington, 98033 Telephone (425)827-9777

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In what city is Quest Field located?

Qwest Field is located in Seattle Washington. One can find reviews of this tourist attraction by visiting travel sites related to the area of Qwest Field.

What is the battle of Seattle?

The battle in Seattle is a football game between Central Washington University and Western Wash. Univ. played in the Kingdom and later (after the Kingdom was imploded) at Quest Field in Seattle Washington. It took place every October until Western disbanded their football team in 2009. The games were originally played at Elensburg, WA (CWU home town) or Bellingham, WA (WWU home town) for many decades. The majority of alumni from both universities live in the greater Seattle area however, so in the late 1990's the games were moved to Seattle. Turnout was normally above 25,000 people and Central Washington always won.

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