What sports don't need balance?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Every single one if you think about it

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Every single one

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Q: What sports don't need balance?
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Why do you need balance for?

You need blance so you dont fall

Can you use the Wii balance board with Wii resort game?

Yes you do. You need the wii balance board for all of the balance games and all of the aerobics games except for the running. Also you don't need the wii balance board for the some of the yoga and strength exercises.

Why do you need balance for sports?

You need balance for sports so that you are not falling all the time. The more balance you have the quicker you will be able to react with ease.

Why do you need balance for horse riding?

well its the same question as why would you need balance to ride a bike. because if you dont have balance you wont get very far.

What do you need to study to get a sports science degree?

in dont know

What does symmetry in gymnastics?

I believe that symmetry in sports means that when doing sports you need balance in moves and techniques to reach your fullest potential.

How long do you need of college to be a professional sports player?

You dont actually need any but it is advised

Does wii sports resort need the balance board?

No. You need the Wii Sport Plus though. Have fun at Wuhu Island! :]

Do you need Wii motion plus on Wii sports resort?

no you dont only if you want to

How often do you balance tires you just got some twentys from a friend he had them on his car for 2months do you need to balance them?

If they are already balanced then no you dont. but if they are not balanced yes you do. If you dont you will wear out the tires faster than if they were balanced.

Why do you need Balance in boxing?

so they dont fall while fighting they need control

What sports do you need to use balance besides gymnastics?

Every sport. You can't play if you can't stand up!