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soccer, Cheerleading, gymnastics, football, Baseball, most sports.

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Q: What sports can you not play while pregnant?
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Is it easier for people who play sports to get pregnant?

No. Fertility has nothing to do with sports. Being healthy can play a part.

What sports CAN you play while pregnant?

soccer, Cheerleading, gymnastics, football, Baseball, most sports.

Should women be able to play sports while pregnant?

If we talk tennis or golf it's safe but if we talk team sports where you risk bumping into people and fall, that would not be safe.

What sould you do for sports relef?

not play sports for a while

Does Vanessa Hudgens play any sports?

well, she does play basketball for a while

Can you play college sports while taking remedial classes?


Why do people play beach sports?

People play beach sports for enjoyment and exercise while being able to observe women in bathing suits.

Do you use math while playing sports?

Of coarse when You Play Sports You have To CalCULate Where The Ball Is Going TO Land And Syuff like That

Was everyone allowed to play sports?

While I would say the majority of people in the world were allowed to play sports, I would imagine there were some that were not permitted to participate in sports due to political, religious or other reasons.

Can you learn to surf while pregnant?

Doctors will recommend that you avoid most physical sports while pregnant including surfing to avoid the risk of falling. I already knew how to surf and continued to throughout my entire pregnancy.

Can divorce while pregnant in California?

They may not allow it as the baby will play a big part.

Can you play sports while you have an infected scab?

Probably not - but it would depend on the sport, and the location of the scab.