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Lawn Bowls

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Q: What sport was banned by Edward 111 and Henry V111?
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Who was King Henry VIII vavrot sport?

if your question is "What was King Henry the V111 favorite sport?" Jousting

What was the name of the legitimate son of King Henry V111?


Who was the new king of the Tudor?

The first Tudor king was Henry V11 (7th) there have been no more since his son Henry V111 and his son Edward

Did Jane seymouer have any children with Henry v111?

Jane Seymour was Henry's favourite wife as she gave him the son he longed for; he became Edward VI. Jane died of fever following the birth.

Who was involved in the Tudor Dynasty?

Many were involved. The monarchs were Henry VII, Henry V111, Edward VI, Mary 1, Elizabeth 1. Their spouses etc were also involved.

How did Jane Seymour's and Henry VIII's relationship end?

that would be Henry Vlll and Jane Saymour, she died giving birth to his only son Edward.

What did henry the v111 wear?


Wives of Henry v111?

henry v111 had 6 wives in total.divorcedbeheadeddieddivorcedbeheadedsurvived(widow)

How did Edward Dickinson barker died?

he died when he was 9yrs old his dad was Henry v111 and Anna Boleyn was his mother it was so stupid in thoses times

How long did Edward V111 rule for?

thirty six

Who made the Mary rose?

Henry the V111

What Henry v111 want from a relationship?

a son.