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Q: What sport requires low center of mass?
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Who would have a better balance a tightrope walker with a low center of mass or a tightrope walker with high center of mass?

Low! Harder to tip over.

What is an endurance sport?

A sport that requires the ability to perform for long periods of time at low intensities, such as marathon ,running and cross-country

Which sport requires high and low friction?

Hockey. Low friction when the player is gliding down the ice. High friction when he is propelling himself down the ice.

What does the low pressure air mass do?

The Low Pressure Air Mass is the active feature of Our Atmosphere, air rises at it's center.The High Pressure Air Mass exists where-ever the Low does not: Air rising at the center of Lows descends at the centers of High Pressure Systems.The Low Pressure Air Mass acts as a Heat Pump that takes Heat North and Cold South.

What is a low center?

low center is when you love ham

Is the sun a low mass or high mass star?

There are more low mass stars. this is for two reasons:- # the star forming process generates more low mass stars # High mass stars burn out very quickly and explode as supernovas and thus over time there are less and less of them.

Is the end life of a planetary nebula a high mass or low mass star?

Low mass

Why is the bottom of the ship made heavy?

the ship requires the centre of mass to be as low possible and central so ballast is added. the higher it is, it is possible the ship may roll or be unstable. the centre of mass is always pulling down and the low friction of the water would allow the ship to roll.

What happens to air at the center of a cyclone or center of low pressure?

What is the center of low air pressure

How does a slow heart beat assist in hibernation?

Low metabolic rate (hibernation) requires low O2 consumption, which requires low cardiac output, which results in low heart rate.

A horse that requires low dietary maintenance is called what?

A horse that requires low dietary maintenance is called an Easy Keeper.

Why is a vehicle more stable the lower the center of mass?

If the centre of mass on a vehicle is low to the ground, then it stays on the ground more naturally, thus making it less likely to tip over on a sharp turn, for example.