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Q: What sport other than baseball uses the word home run?
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What sport other than baseball uses a home run?


What sport other than MLB uses a home run?

Some people might say cricket but they are wrong baseball is the only sport to use the term "home run"

Other than baseball what other sport was popular in the 30's?


What other sport than baseball does Joe Mauer play?


Why are baseball bats not seen as a offensive weapon in America?

In America, baseball is a very popular sport, more popular than in any other country, therefore the baseball bat is associated more as with the sport than as a weapon.

Did Michael Jordan play any other sport than basketball?

He had a short lived career in baseball

What are Sidney Crosby's hobbies?

One of his hobbies is playing baseball, since it is his favorite sport other than hockey!

What is the dearest sport?

First of all the sport are good, and dearest for the one who has their passionbut the only sport that is popular till from the past that is soocer/Football .This sport has more fans than other sport , after this this baseball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, cricket:D

Is baseball a manlier sport than football?

No, since football is a physical contact sport.

Why is baseball the highest paid sport?

Baseball is considered the highest paying sport due to the Athlete's tenure. Most baseball players generally enjoy longer careers than most other sports players due to the lower possibility of injury.

Is soccer norway's famous sport?

soccer is everyones most famous sport other than... usa which is football basketball or baseball canada which is hockey and antarctica which is ice skating

Is football a better sport than baseball?

It depends on your opinion.

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