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dog sledding

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Dog sledding

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dog mushing

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Q: What sport is popular in Alaska and is also called mushing?
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Does Alaska have dog mushing as its official state sport?

Mushing is the Official Sport of Alaska.

What sport also in Alaska is also called mushing?

Dog sleighing.

Why is Alaska's state sport dog mushing?

because dog mushing is important in alaska

What is the state sport in alaska?

dug mushing

What is Alaska's official Sport?

The official sport of Alaska is Dog Mushing. Dog Mushing was designated the officail sport of Alaska in 1972. In April 2010 Alaska recognized the Alaskan Malamute as the official state dog most likely because its used in the sport.

What is the state Official sport in Alaska?

Dog Mushing.

What state's main sport is dog mushing?


What is the official sport of the state of the state of Alaska?

Mostly dog sleding. The Official Sport of Alaska is Mushing.

What is the official number 1 sport of Alaska?

The official state sport of Alaska is dog mushing.

What is Alaskas state sport?

It's state sport is dog mushing is a traditionalway to traverse Alaska's vast distance. Races like the Iditarod often follow paths used by mushers of the past.

When did dogsleding become the state sport of Alaska?

Dog Mushing became the Official State Sport in 1972.

What is the most popular sport in Alaska?