What sport is narcotics used in?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mainly athletics and sometimes field sports.

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Q: What sport is narcotics used in?
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What does narcotics mean?

Narcotics are drugs that can be used to mask pain, or can be illicitly used for drug addicts. Asses...

Under a doctor's supervision how are narcotics used?

Narcotics are pain relieving drugs to humans.

How are narcotic and non-narcotics used?


What is the medical name for narcotics?

Narcotics is the medical name for narcotics. That's what narcotics are called.

What is the name of the medication used to withdraw people off of narcotics?


Are opiates and narcotics the same?

opiates are narcotics

What is paraphernalia?

Ths word can have several meanings in the law, but when used in connection with drugs and narcotics trade it refers to ANYTHING having to do, or associated, with the manufactuiring or usage of illegal drugs and narcotics.

How narcotics effects narcotics effects?

Narcotics have horrible effects on the human body. Mixing different types of narcotics could cause a devastating loss of your life.

How much do narcotics cost illegally?

Well it depends on what kind of narcotics and quality of such narcotics. Also depends on the area.

What are the narcotics used to treat the disease in the GI system?

Phenobarbital with belladonna alkaloids and atropine.

What water is used for in sport?

*Clorox water is used for the sport of swimming

When was Narcotics Anonymous created?

Narcotics Anonymous was created in 1953.