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Q: What sport is known as the sweet silence?
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What sport is known as the sweet science?

well, you DID ask this in the BOXING section.

What sport is sweet science?

Boxing is referred to as the "sweet science."

What sport Sweet Science?

the best sport ever boxing

Which sport is the sweet science?


What sweet is a sport for princes?


Which president who was known for his silence?

Coolidge was known as "Silent Cal".

What sport is the sweet science?

hhhmmmmmm, boxing??

What sport is know as the sweet science?


You had to begun to think that your niece would never speak to you but the sweet little girl just told you goodmorning?

It's a pleasant surprise after a long period of silence. You're relieved and happy that your niece has finally broken her silence and acknowledged you with a sweet greeting.

What sport is Italy known for?

The sport Italy is known for is Soccer

How kidnapped Amy Pond?

A group known as "The Silence".

Who was the Egyptian God of silence?

Harpocrates was the Egyptian god of silence (also known as Harpa-Khruti, or Horus the Child). There is not much that is know about her. She was adapted from the Greek god of silence.