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Q: What sport has sprint tandem and team pursuit events?
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What was the first sport in the olympics?


What sport does Ben Rushgrove play?

Ben Rushgrove participates in the sport of sprint running.

What is a activity or sport in which speed is important?

100m Sprint

Is cycling a sport?

Four disciplines of cycling are held at the Olympics: track, road, mountain, and BMX. Track - Men: Team Sprint, Sprint, Keirin, 4000 meter Team Pursuit, 4000 meter Individual Pursuit, Madison 50 kilometer, and Points Race 40 kilometer Women: Sprint, 3000 meter Individual Pursuit, and Points Race 25 kilometer Road - Men: Road Race and Time Trial Women: Road Race and Time Trial Mountain - One event for both men and women BMX - One event for both men and women

What sports are not aerobic?

There is not a single sport that is simply not areobic. Outdoor anerorbic activites include the sprint events in Track. Like the 100 and 200 meter dashes, along with the 100 hurdles. \

What s the length of a 1991 Kawasaki 650 tandem sport Jet Ski?

9' 1"

Does trivial pursuit have a sport edition?

no but there are many different types

Which sport was the combination of five events for the Greeks?

I don't think there is any sport that is a combination.EDIT:Yes there is. Well, sort of. It's called a Modern Pentathlon. It is made up of 5 sports, completed in this order:Épée fencing,Pistol shooting,200m freestyle swimming,Show jumping on horsebackand a Cross-Country Run.Hope this helps!~Betwep :)

How can increase safety in sport events?

a new article about safety and security in sport events

What is the most advanced racing sport?

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series

Where can retrieve a manual instruction booklet for a Olympus sport sprint?


What are the games and sport in ancient Olympics?

Shot put. Sprint. Archery. Wrestling.