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Q: What sport does Spencer hastings play?
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When was Spencer Hastings created?

Spencer Hastings was created in 2009.

Does Spencer Hastings get pregnant?

Spencer Hastings does get pregnant. She gets pregnant with Tobys baby

Who does Troian Bellisario play on Pretty Little Liars?

Troian Bellisario is Spencer Hastings... :)

Is spencer hastings rich?

Spencer Hastings is one of the mail characters in The Pretty Little Liars. If you were to describe Spencer Hastings, you would probably say that she is intelligent, overachieving, and extremely wealthy.

What is the name of Spencer Hastings' dad?


What color are Spencer Hastings eyes?


Who joined A in Pretty Little Liars?

Spencer hastings

Who looks like Troian Bellisario?

Spencer Hastings?

Who is on the cover of 'Twisted' by Sara Shapard?

Spencer Hastings

What college does Spencer hastings want to go to?


What phone does Spencer Hastings have?

Spencer just recently changed phones. She had the HTC hd2 but upgraded to the hd7.

When was Spencer A from Pretty Little Liars what season?

Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars appeared in Season 5.