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Both play football mainly and Barcelona has a hockey team, with the same coloured jerseys.

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This is not even a real question.

I think you mean: What do you think, is Barcelona or Real Madrid the better team?

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Barcelona and Real Zaragoza are football teams. Barcelona is a football team based in Barcelona, Spain. Real Zaragoza is a football team based in Zaragoza, Spain.

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El Clasico.

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Q: What sport do the teams Barcelona and Real Zaragoza play?
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What are the names of three famous spanish soccer teams?

The top three teams in Spain are Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

Who did david villa play for before valencia?

Real Zaragoza and then Sporting Gijón before going to Valencia and then Barcelona.

What are the names of the Spanish football teams?

Barcelona, Real Madrid, Villareal, Valencia, Real Betis, Atletico Madrid, Atletico Bilbao, Deportovo Coruna, Real Sociedad, , Zaragoza, Sevilla, Oviedo There are 20 soccer teams in the First Division of Spanish Futbol clubs. The last three position in the league are subject to change every year. See the related link for a list of this years teams.

What teams did FC Barcelona go against?

Real Madrid

When was Real Zaragoza created?

Real Zaragoza was created in 1932.

What are Barcelona's two soccer teams?

The Top Three Football/Soccer Teams in Spain are... 1)Bar 2)Ce 3)Lona :)

Three famous soccer teams?

Barcelona, Manchester United, Real Madrid.

What are three famous Spanish soccer teams?

Real Madrid. Barcelona. Malaga.

3 famous spanish soccer teams?

Real madrid, barcelona, valencia 1.Fc Barcelona 2. Real Madrid 3. Valencia fc

How many famous spanish soccer teams are there in Spain?

There are many, depending on how closely you follow the sport, most notably Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Villareal, Atlético Madrid, Atlético Bilbao, etc.

What are 3 names of spanish soccer teams?

Three spanish teams are: F.C Barcelona Real Madrid F.C Athletico Madrid

What are the three famous soccer teams?

Manchester United, Barcelona and Real Madrid. There are hundreds more.