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The Tournament of the Five Nations is a Rugby competition.

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Q: What sport can you see at the Tournament of the Five Nations?
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What sport does one see at the Tournament of the Five Nations?

The Tournament of the Five Nations is a rugby competition.

What sports does one see at the tournament of the five nations?

The Tournament of the Five Nations is a Rugby competition.

What sport would you see at the tournament of the 5 nations?

England, new zealand, austraillia, Italy and France

When did England last win the Five Nations?

England last won the Five Nations in 1996. It became the Six Nations in 2000. See the related question below.

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How can I watch the 2010 Six Nations Rugby tournament in Asia?

You can see every match of the 2010 Six Nations tournament live and exclusive via Setanta-i in Asia, an online streaming service available by subscription. Chech out the website:

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