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"Land of 1000 Dances" by "Wilson Pickett"

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Penny arcade?

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Q: What song was played at ibrox when david healy scored?
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Who scored for rangers in 2003 champions league match with panithinikos?

Michael Mols scored at ibrox.

When did Rangers last achieve a result like 7-1 at Ibrox?

They last scored 7-1 on the 30th of December at Ibrox against Dundee United. :)

Who Scored equaliser for rangers against marseille in 19992?

Mark Hateley scored the equaliser in the 2-2 draw at Ibrox. Ian Durrant scored the equaliser in the 1-1 draw in France

Did rangers cheat?

Over David murays time at ibrox. Yes thwy did

Who sings penny arcade played at ibrox?

Roy orbison

Who Played their Home Games At Ibrox?

Rangers Football Club!

When was Ibrox Stadium created?

Ibrox Stadium was created in 1899.

When did Ibrox disaster happen?

Ibrox disaster happened in 1971.

When was Ibrox subway station created?

Ibrox subway station was created in 1896.

When was Ibrox railway station created?

Ibrox railway station was created in 1871.

Who is the tenant of Ibrox Stadium?

The tenant of Ibrox Stadium is Rangers F.C. in Scotland.

Where do rangers play?

Ibrox Stadium in the Govan area of Glasgow