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Alfonso Soriano uses a 33 to 36 ounce bat. The bat is 35 inches long. He has had a successful career with that choice of bat.

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Q: What size bat does alfonso soriano use?
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What glove does Alfonso Soriano use?

he uses the Mizuno Classic Pro™ GMP7BK Ball Glove

What size bat does a major league baseball player swing?

It varies from player to player. Each player chooses the size and weight of his bat. Some players prefer a heavier bat with a thicker barrel. Some players prefer a thinner, lighter bat. And the weight can be distributed differently throughout the bat, so that the handle is thicker or thinner, or the barrel is thicker or thinner. Sometimes players will change bat sizes or shapes depending on how they're feeling at that particular time. Most players use a bat that weighs between 30 and 34 ounces. The bats are usually between 32 and 36 inches long. But again, there is a lot of variation in bat size, weight, and how the weight is distributed throughout the bat (size of the barrel, size of the handle, etc.). For example, Alfonso Soriano is reputed to use a bat that weighs 38 ounces. And Babe Ruth supposedly swung a bat that was 34 inches and weighed 42 ounces.

What cricket bat size is hs?

Junior's bat are of Size H. Means under aged players can use this size of Bat

What size bat does manny ramirez use?

the model is called sam bat

What size bat does Jose Bautista use?


What bat size does prince fielder use?

C271 Ash Bat. 33.5" and 34oz. This is the bat i wanted to get =).

What bat size does Alex Rodriguez use?

nokona bloodline

What size bat did Phil niekro use?

32/ 32oz

What bat size did Richie Allen use?


What size bat does Evan longoria use?

33.5" 31.5 oz

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What size bat does chase utley use?

48 inches and 45 ounces.