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Rest and stretch. Try Tiger Balm or Ben Gay if you need to mask the pain for a sporting event.

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Sooth it with candle wax

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sure you can.

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Q: What should you do if you pulled a muscle in your chest?
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Can a pulled muscle in the chest be painful to breath?

These muscles can sometimes be strained and can lead to chest pain in that area.

Should you stretch a pulled muscle?


Can pulled muscle cause chest pain when you eat?

Yes. However, there are much more serious causes of chest pain. Chest pain should always be evaluated by a doctor to check for heart disease or other serious medical problems.

What could be causing constant chest pain that goes through the right side of the chest?

smoking (could be heart attack) or pulled a muscle Not a smoker, haven't done anything to pull a muscle.

What is a pulled and strained muscle?

what is a pulled muscle

If you have a pulled muscle should you stop dancing?

Yes, wait for it to heal.

What is the Deepest muscle of the chest?

The deepest muscle of the chest is the serratus anterior.

What chest muscle in cats are the largest?

The largest chest muscle in a cat's body is the pectoralis minor. In humans, the largest chest muscle if the pectoralis major.

If you pull a muscle can it not hurt for several hours?

A pulled muscle can be sore for a very long time, ice or heat should be applied.

What is a pulled muscle?

When a muscle is pushed to far with exertion, small tears can occur in the muscle tissue. The pain associated with this damage when the muscle is used is called a pulled muscle.

What is The muscle separating the abdomen from the chest?

The diaphragm is the muscle separating the abdomen from the chest

Which muscle is stronger jaw or chest in human body?

the masseter muscle of the jaw is strongeri've never heard of the chest muscle.