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Take it easy for a while, then after the pain has diminished start with some gentle range of motion exercises. After the pain is gone (typically a week to 10 days) do light stretching but not to the point where it hurts. Then slowly build the muscles and work up to exercising at the level you want to attain.

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Groin injuries can be classified into two categories; blunt or penetrating. If you are unsure of the location of the groin, click on the link provided below. Injuries to the groin are often very painful specially in male patients. In all instances, the main priority is to maximise comfort and to treat any injuries that are or may become life threatening, which may include severe leeding. Blunt and penetrating injuries have slightly different treatment methods.

Blunt Groin Injury

A blunt groin injury is where no skin or tissue is teared. It is said to be blunt as it is more likely a blunt object caused the injury. Injuries like this include a kick to the groin area, a fall landing onto the groin or an underlying medical condition.

The treatment for a blunt groin trauma is outlined below:

1. Ensure that you are safe from any dangers before approaching the scene.

2. Make patient as comfortable as possible.

3. Ask the patient what happened (history of injury) and note this to the emergency service where applicable.

4. If the patient permits you to, expose the groin area so you can get a view of the injury and decide treatment plans accordingly.

5. If bruising is present, apply an ice pack or cold compress to relieve swelling.

6. Continuously reassure patient.

7. Call an ambulance if injury appears severe.

8. Monitor vital signs and record these.

Penetrating Groin Injury

A penetrating groin trauma can generally be considered more severe than a blunt one. The main symptom of a penetrating injury is that bleeding and injured tissue will be present.

I have outlined a summary of the treatment plan here:

1. Ensure scene is safe from any dangers.

2. Note history of injury and reassure patient.

3. Control any visible bleeding by exposing the injury and applying a clean dressing pad.

4. Call an ambulance and convey all information obtained.

5. Apply more dressings should bleed seep out of the first dressing.

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drop on the ground and act dramaticly

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put a bandage around ur dick

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Q: What should you do if you are hit in the groin?
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Does a piantball hurt when you get hit with one?

It depends where you get hit...If you get hit in the groin it hurts a lot

What is an illegal hit in dodgeball?

In the face, head or groin areas

What should you do if you get hit in the balls with a hockey stick?

The same thing you do if you get hit with anything else. For most of us, that would be either scream and fall over clutching the groin or stumble to the nearest doctor.

Did harry get hit by a shoe on stage?

Yes, Harry Styles was hit in the groin by a shoe thrown by an audience member.

Is bad to get hit in the groin?

If something hits you in the groin, it would cause pain but it would subside after a few minutes. Being constantly hit with something, or being hit by something very hard, it could cause internal or external injury that may need to be consulted to by a doctor.

What movie did Clint Eastwood hit the guy in the groin with a sledge hammer?

The Pale Rider

What type of doctor should you see for chronic groin pain?

A urologist

Is A Groin Attack Most Painful Hit?

This is actually a very complex question. For many men, a successful groin attack would be one of the most painful hits. It depends on how much concentrated force and in what direction the testicles are hit. It also depends on the pain tolerance of the person being hit, which can varey widely from male to male.

What does it mean if you have a sore groin?

sore groin ,groin muscle pain

At what age should a boy begin wearing a jock strap for sports like baseball basketball and swimming etc?

Really, a boy should wear a cup whenever he is going to be involved in any sport or activity where he may be hit in the groin, no matter what his age. This would include baseball, socker, football, etc. Even at 7 years old playing T-ball, being hit in the groin with a ball or a bat tossed out of the way can be very painful and even cause physical damage. The boy should wear protection as soon as he reaches puberty.

How long should stitches be left in groin?

It varies as to where they are. This something to talk to your doctor about.

In which emergency should you apply cool pack to the neck groin?

Heat stroke