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Well if u two are both into the same sport, say soccer then you can talk about your favorite players and teams.

Hope this helps! :P

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Q: What should you and your boyfriend talk about?
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When on the phone with your boyfriend what do you talk about?

You should be able to talk about everything. A boyfriend should be your best friend as well as your boyfriend. So you should be able to talk about planes, cars, girls, boys, family, friends, and everything inbewteen.

What is the best thing to talk about with your boyfriend?

the best thing to talk to your your boyfriend about is everything and anything you should be able to talk to your boyfriend about anything and everything and both of you should be able to feel comfortable about any conversations he should talk to you about anything and everything even if its just nothing on your mind you should be able to speak your mind with him.

What should you do when your boyfriend's friend is in love with him?

talk to that friend.

Should you have a boyfriend at 11?

You probably should talk to your parents about the situation, I think 11 is a little young to have a boyfriend.

If your boyfriend breaks up with you for being clingy how long should you wait to talk to him again or should you wait for him to talk to you?

you should wait for him to talk to you :) <3

Should I talk to my daughters ex-boyfriend to help their relationship?


What should you do if your boyfriend doesnt talk to you?

Dont forget him. You need to talk to him, tell him how you feel about how he is treating you. :)

What should you do when your boyfriend's ex girlfriend is sending him love messages?

I think you should talk to your boyfriend and tell him to have a little chat with his ex.

What should talk with boyfriend on cellphone?

Start telling him what you did today and that should start a conversation.

Should your boyfriend talk to you any kind of way?

of course no ,he shouldn't talk to any kind of way that's why he is your boyfriend he should cherich you and treat you very very well and he should talk to you very different way of the way he talks to everyone !! Respectful manner.

Should you go to yoga or talk to your boyfriend?

Whatever feels best for you!

Your boyfriend does not talk to you and you really want him to what should you say?

why aren't you talking to me?